Bridge Workers

Bridge Workers

Ever get the feeling someone’s watching you? This construction worker at the 35W St. Anthony Bridge construction site takes a moment to check out the crowds watching him. I have a hard time typing when someone is watching me, I can’t imagine working with power tools in the wind 150 feet over the Mississippi River.

What a job! Look at all the cool gear these guys have. Just to the left of the red thing in the bottom left is a patch of gray — that’s the bridge, everything else scaffolding and gear.

Look at all this guy is wearing: a harness, knee pads, gobs of safety gear and a huge tool belt (check out the hammer). For those of us who earn their salt slingin’ bits, a real job like this is pretty impressive.

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  1. bluemoonpaul
    bluemoonpaul says:

    They’re welcome to it. I’ll stay seated in my studio, thanks. Good job, for them I guess, tho they seem to spending most of their time looking at you taking pix than working! = – )


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