Cell Phone - Lake Harriet

Cell Phone – Lake Harriet

Can you believe this? It’s like a perfect world here. It’s freaking me out.

What’s Cell Phone Sunday all about?

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  1. DanStar
    DanStar says:

    Wow, what a fantastic photo. This looks great mitch! I really enjoy your blog. You are a gifted photographer. I am able to learn a lot by studying what you post.

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    Summer zen in the city. Love these summer colors; the glass smooth lake reflecting pillowy clouds, the greenery outlining Lake Harriet like a bowl. Perfect.

    (pillowy, is that a word I just made up?) This photo will be the one; the one we must refer to come January of ’09. This is the one that will get us through winter’s fierce cabin fever. But lets not think of that just yet.

  3. Snapshutter
    Snapshutter says:

    Hehe.. worse yet, days are already getting shorter. I normally pull that one out just for reactions. Not to worry. Plenty of warm summer evenings ahead 🙂

    I almost asked yesterday what size lens you were using … duh … cell phone Sunday, for once caught myself before clicking ‘submit’.


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