Shooting Bridges with Matt

Shooting Bridges with Matt

So how did I get those pictures of the 35W replacement bridge construction? Was I flying over the Mississippi River? Nope, there’s another bridge right next to it. The city was wise enough to create a pedestrian lane on that bridge to allow gawkers like me and my friend Matt, also known as Ravsitar, the release pixie of Tips From the Top Floor Photography Podcast.

Yes, that’s fellow Nikonian Matt taking a shot with a Nikon 70-300mm VR — looks good on him eh? Let’s all encourage this newly-minted professional engineer to reward himself with one of his own, or at least a lens I want that I can use when he’s got mine.

If you are interested in learning more about the bridge, I found a Minnesota DOT information sheet online.

  • Rob

    I now see the advantage in being a Nikonian. The lens swapping. In the end your lenses are eachothers, so to speak. Oh, and in red, love the cap.