• http://willitsdailyphoto.blogspot.com/ Elaine

    Wow! A local store where you have to leap from a moving car to get to it! Looks like you risked your life for the shot – thanks for the dedication to the cause. 8^)

  • http://almostoneaday.blogspot.com Chuck

    Nice framing and of course it’s good to include 2 wheeled vehicles in any and every photo :) I presume that is your corner store in the distance? Happy Theme Day!

  • http://katsinger.com Kat

    Haha, good caption.

  • http://www.mitchster.com Mitchster

    Elaine –
    Yes, danger is my middle name!
    – Mitch

  • http://www.mitchster.com Mitchster

    Chuck –
    I couldn’t pick a single store, so I went with the “Uptown Experience” as a theme. It’s not the stores, it’s the chaos.
    – Mitch