More than Tulips

More than Tulips

The joyous colors of spring have returned. Life on the edge of the prairie is a delight at this time of year — warmth and humidity long strangers in this land. Like the prodigal son, they return to shock and confusion. The former no-man’s-land of snow is once again a yard that needs mowing and tending to. And flowers, yes, flowers. Green is a welcome enough color, but the flowers a near sensory overload — a kin to coming off a long diet and plunging into a bender at the Willy Wonka factory outlet store.

Now the thunderstorms are sweeping in at night and disturbing this perfect world. When you see the flowers stop! Stop and look, for tonight’s storm may do them in.

  • Gorgeous. Our spring colors start arriving in March, with this color saturation making its way in April.

  • This is something most soothing and innovative idea which i could get learning today. My brotherinlaw family lives in this most lovely and cute place which, i have been contemplating to visit. Today, i am astonished to see it’s charm,it’s artistic values and ability with modernity all around the town. How i wish could get my visa done and fly straight for few weeks atleast….hmm.. what a wish ..only if wishes came true.

    Any way, it’s excellent site please keep it up.
    I luv photographing everything in all naturalness.
    thanks lord for introducing me to such wonderful blue tulips which i have never seen even in edinburgh during it’s spring peak season.


  • Tasha that must be wonderful. I have been walking hours in cold chilly springs all over Fife,Findhorns,Edinburgh,Sterling oh!it’s all breath taking and connections with India every museum every palace over there amazed me to end.-prema

  • sometimes i wonder how small is our globe today! with internet at every finger touch we are in any place without leaving your present place! Today i have filled my heart with joy.

  • I just LOOOOOOOVED this photo!!!! Congratulations, it’s PERFECT!!!

  • Those colours are breathtaking.

  • Kat

    B-E-A-utiful! I especially love the tulips’ varying hues.

    I think on this one I’d put the copyright mark along the top so as not to detract from the stems.

  • Gorgeous shot, Mitch. I love the layers of color! I wish we could get some of those thunderstorms over here in south TX. We sure need some rain.

    Thank you for the warm compliments!
    – Mitch

  • Kat –
    I use Lightroom to put on the copyrights and I can’t remember where the settings are for it. I’d like to do more with the blog, like add a nice archive page of just pictures, but I haven’t figured that out yet. Just sticking with it day after day is enough work right now.
    Thanks for the compliments!
    – Mitch

  • Thien –
    Thanks for the compliments, I wish I could pack up a thunderstorm and FedEx it to you. We have gotten our fair share this year. I’ve already been chased home by one. That storm that came through and dropped a tornado on the Northern burb of Hugo just grazed Minneapolis. I was out for a walk with my neighbor Tom when it came by. Scared the bedjezus out of us — we ran up to a house and hid on their porch. The wind stirred everything up and as it passed we saw the clouds rotating above us. No harm done, but scary!
    – Mitch

  • Kat

    Ahh, makes sense! And here I am doing it by hand. Well, heck, if it ain’t broke (or too time-consuming), don’t fix it. 🙂

  • Lovely composition, Mitch. The simplicity achieved by using only three basic colors is very effective and they are so well balanced. Nice work.

  • Strange –
    Thanks, I like when I can put three colors together to create a simple composition like this.
    – MItch

  • Hi! why not get into theme thing? like love may be today’s theme hmm? i am just waiting for the today’s picture with all child’s wonder in wonderous eyes of a child.

    Orchids and Hibiscus and ofcourse Jasmines they have not deep and pleasant colours but extraordinary aromas…..



  • Amazing colors! I’ve never seen such combination in nature! It can be a wonderful scenery to get married.

  • Hey! tulips are my computer background, so that, every day when i open they just fills my heart with love and happiness. Is that not nice to begin the day Mitch?