Paddling While Distracted

Paddling While Distracted

Can you hear me now? Ploop, uh oh.

People are the truly most fascinating subjects.

  • LOL! Your best moment of Zen yet.

  • Silence Dogood

    I wonder what the expectation of privacy is in the middle of the lake?

  • What’d be worse: dropping your cell phone in the drink, or in the urinal, as in that commercial?

  • If it were truly a zen moment the phone would fall in the water. Very good catch and interesting how one could tell there was a cell phone involved even from the thumbnail. Simply by the all too common bend of her neck.

  • Bravo. You win the Cartier-Bresson Critical Moment Award for the day. It makes me imagine a series of photographs (which would have to be staged) of people talking on cell phones while getting married, kneeling in church praying, taking a shower, during a dental exam, practicing psychotherapy with a patient in the room, landing a jet airliner or during a gyn or prostate exam. The possibilities are endless.

  • Beautiful composition!!

  • OMG, you’re kidding?! Now there’s one I haven’t seen until now. I can’t get over people sometimes and the crazy things we do.

  • mo


  • Kat

    Oh my, does no on ever take a break?

  • Alex

    That’s really nice. The expression on her face adds a very human dimension to the picture.