Yellow-rumped Warbler, Dendroica coronata

I just love these guys, they are so cheerful and cute. My friend Karen pointed out that warblers hop around a lot and it’s true. They can be very frustrating with a long lens (focused, theres that branch… now where did he go?).

One of the fun things about photographing all the birds with a big lens is that you realize the amazing diversity of birds. They were all sparrows, crows and robins to me before I started shooting. I never noticed these guys before. I still don’t recognized them with the naked eye, the lens let’s me identify them — though I am getting to know their chirp.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Colorful little guy in his natural element. I looked him up in my bird book; amazing the varieties of warblers there are. Birding and photoraphy go hand in hand…when one has a long lens. I hope to get that 70-300 by June.

    I cheat with my point and shoot cam from our deck and our bird feeding station. Still the Orioles do no like spectators when they eat the orange halves I set out for them.

    Thank you for your comments; means a lot to me. I know I have learned a lot by photoblogging, but I still have much to learn. I need to focus on getting detail shots rather then the full picture. Have a fun and safe Memorial weekend.

  2. bluemoonpaul
    bluemoonpaul says:

    I like this shot. Cool to see the detail on this wee yellow chirper. I like the way his tiny black stick legs stick out and grab the branch with his claws. So fragile and solid.

    This looks like another shot with that new lens (the last?). The bokeh effects don’t bother here, but the ghost effect and doubling of background branches is distracting, yes?


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