Common Grackle, Quiscalus quiscula

Common Grackle, Quiscalus quiscula

Would you believe that this is a blackbird? Gackles are right up there with sparrows on the unnoticeable list and look black most of the time. Their feathers are quite iridescent and in the right light, they can be down right spectacular.

A lot of my images have been post-processed to enhance colors and detail, but this guy was so colorful that I left the image alone.

I caught this fellow in a maple tree on the North end of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis. I was using my new Nikon 500mm Reflex lens that, though powerful and light, is starting to bug me with it’s ring bokeh effects.

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  1. Strangetastes
    Strangetastes says:

    My attention was drawn to the bird’s eye and then I immediately noticed the bokeh. What was in the background that caused this? I hope it’s not characteristic of the lens, which I’m sure you spent a lot of money on. I’m Canon, as you know, and the longest I got is the 100-400 IS L. One of these day’s I’ll get the 2X extender, which isn’t too expensive.

  2. bluemoonpaul
    bluemoonpaul says:

    That’s funny, this is the first of your pix with the new lens that I like. It works because the main subject is in focus, whereas they weren’t always in past shots. The bokeh effect doesn’t bother me at all here, as the colors and patterns support and enliven the blackbird.

    This probably won’t stop you from returning the new lens, I’m guessing, but good luck with that decision. If the lens is mainly good for bird identification from long distances, why not just get some real good binoculars?

  3. john
    john says:

    hi its a grackle i saw them all the time i was in minneapolis especiallöy around the nicolett mall theyre beautiful pretty birds i would say great photos fr johnnyb.


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