Got Goat?

Got Goat?

Everybody needs a goat.  This kid was in the red barn in yesterday’s photo.

What does it mean when someone’s “got your goat”? Horses are nervous creatures, goats are very calm. If you put a goat in the barn with a horse, the horse would calm down. Take the goat, the horse gets agitated. Which is the same reason dalmations are associated with firemen. Fire engines used to be pulled by horses and if you can imagine, a fire is pretty terrifying for a horse, so the dalmation could keep up with the horses and help to calm them down.

  • This is one of my favorite animals whose milk I don’t like. Other than that they are a delight to have around.

  • Sharon

    What?!? Dad always told me firemen had dalmations because the dalmations had small bladders and could find the fire hydrants! My whole world has tumbled.

  • Farm animals + short focal length = funny, appealing picture.

    BTW, thanks for your comment about the Bosque Pinones beach photo. The Rothko effect was deliberate in the way I cropped the image. Except it’s not moody or depressed enough.

  • so cute! =)

  • They look smart, they are smart. They’re many other things too but not food!

  • Inkster1

    Great animal tales! When do you leave for Antartica?