Railyard Graffiti

Railyard Graffiti

In like a lion, out like a lamb, March is skittering off the stage and April is rounding the bend. The CDPB Theme Day (first of the month) for March was Graffiti and in the spirit of March, I decided to offer you one more graffiti post for the month. I will postpone the April theme of “Water” until the second, so that I can make an announcement tomorrow; be sure to check back, it’s pretty cool!

The train is actually moving in this photo, I found the graffiti and was all set when I heard these Canadian Pacific GP40’s chugging on from stage-left. It was a grimy pre-spring day when I was out and the colors were rather bland, so I ran for my trusty over-saturated look to process this photo.

I process all my photos for mitchster.com in Adobe Lightroom only — there is no Photoshopping of any of my photos. I’m a bit of a National Geographic Photographer wanna-be. If you haven’t tried Lightroom, I strongly suggest it, the power and speed is incredible. I can organize and process hundreds of photos very quickly.

One of my favorite options is to copy-and-paste settings — adjust a photo, then copy the settings to another photo from the same shoot and you’re done. In this case I had several photos of the graffiti and after I created the effects you see, I pasted them to several photos and found the one it worked best on.

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  1. Strangetastes
    Strangetastes says:

    No mo snow? I bet you could still get some in early April, perish the thought. 60s here today. My daughter and I plan to go to the Cardinals’ opener this afternoon. However, the skies are supposed to attack us with vigor later today. Let’s hope my camera bag really is waterproof.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    No mo snow, are you kidding me?

    6-8 inches are falling right now of very heavy very wet snow. I am so sick of winter and snow and cold and wet feet and cleaning my car and falling on the ice and “wintery mix.”

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Gorgeous picture — Fujichrome? 😉 Now if only we had enhanced reality glasses which would apply the color tweaks to everything we see.

    Fifteen years ago I noticed that graffiti in Europe was very similar to that in the US. On the flight back I wondered: How did the graffiti painters communicate? (This was pre-web.) Is it all because of TV shows? Did they have conferences and magazines? Do graffiti-makers travel across the Atlantic regularly enough to exchange ideas?


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