Dark Oaks

Dark Oaks

On the news this morning, I heard that last night the low temperature was 35°F, the first time above freezing since November 16th. Spring is coming and soon these bare trees will have some leaves and the rolling hills of the tundra will be alive with the color of green.

Thanks for all the great comments on yesterday’s post about cairns. I continue to be amazed at how quickly information can be found on the web. So many trips to the library avoided, so many projects not held up. I’m now starting to take a serious look at my extensive book collection and ask it why I have to share my space with it. Sure, I’ll always keep the fine-printed art books, but so many reference books haven’t been opened in years.

Soon I’ll be posting pictures I took downtown with the Tips from the Top Floor Group. My freind Bob Kupbens took a shot of me while we were there that I like.

With the warming weather, the ice on the lakes is melting and soon we’ll have open water again. Just follow the ducks.

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  1. Strangetastes
    Strangetastes says:

    A whole night above freezing. That must be very comforting to you. Having never lived in such a climate, I can’t imagine what it would be like to put up with sub-zero temps day after day. The coldest I’ve even seen in 40 years in STL was -16 F. but below zero is pretty rare.

    Thanks for your comment this morning. The quote is the first stanza of Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening.” They made us memorize it in high school.


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