Cell Phone Sunday

Cell Phone Sunday

At the behest of my friend Dave, I am instituting Cell Phone Sunday. Dave Taylor, a videographer I’ve worked with on several projects including one for Billy McLaughlin, pointed out that my skills as a photographer may appear to be the result of my good equipment, so I should get a cheap camera and prove otherwise. Chris Marquart of Tips from the Top Floor Podcast has also made the point that it is the photographer, not the camera that makes the image. I suggested my cell phone camera, because it has a simple 640×480 camera and I always have it with me. “Perfect” Dave said,”now do it.”

So now after months of taunting from Mr. Taylor and finally figuring out why my cell phone wouldn’t sync with my computer (had to reformat the micro SD card), Cell Phone Sunday is here. Simple rules: only uncropped, unedited images directly from my cell phone.

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  1. bluemoonpaul
    bluemoonpaul says:

    Dave’s a smart dude; this is a great exercise. And your first cell phone proves you got some chops. I like this photo plenty, with a soft spot for blue-violet snow shadows. Nice, Mitch! Already looking forward to next Sunday!

  2. CrazyCow
    CrazyCow says:

    Yeah, Dave was right. This is a really beautiful shot. Maybe I’ll give it a try some time. It would certainly be more convenient for those quick shots where you don’t have the time to get the real camera out.


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