One Shot in a Million

One Shot in a Million

  • Interesting coincidence that it’s eagle day on the north-central Mississippi CDPD axis. Your caption for this is “one shot in a million,” but, as I’ve said, luck favors the prepared. I assume you are on a tripod. The clarity and sharpness is perfect. What lens were you using and how far from the subject were you ?

  • Very nicely done!

  • Melissa

    Mitch, what a great shot! It’s like he’s posing. I have so many favorites on this site now, and this one is my newest favorite!

  • Beautiful picture. I doubt it will take you another million shots to get as good a picture again:)

  • WOW Excellent shot!!

  • Mitch, it is always a pleasure to catch up on your blog. You seem to think this is an awesome photo, but every one on this page is awesome… Keep up the great work! And thanks, as always, for the instructional information!!

  • WOW, amazing shot!! How did you get so close? or did you use a heavy duty zoom? Either way, it came out great. Good work.

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