Last Luminary

Last Luminary

The last luminary from the City of Lakes Loppet both literally and figuratively. This was my favorite shot from that night; it was on the wall as we were climbing out of the lagoon. Worked out real well too, since my camera battery gave it’s last for this shot before it froze up. Yes Virginia, camera batteries will freeze.

  • When I saw the thumbnail on the portal, I thought it might be a picture of a brain from one of those Body Works shows, with spooky lighting. It does have a somewhat extraterrestrial look. I hope something doesn’t hatch from it.

    Just think: if global warming continues, the day will come when you won’t have to worry about your batteries freezing.

  • usual–I don’t need to say more. 😉

  • I think that it’s absolutely enchanting!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • mo

    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  • Another great luminary photo, Mitch. I love the specks of light bursting from the center of the object. Perty. The orangey glow almost makes one think of another holiday — might there a Great Pumpkin luminary? Halloween ice sculptures? Anyway, glad you snapped this one before your frigid batteries gave out. But during another winter of Minnesota cold, the last thing on my mind is global warming!

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