Luminaries Under the Bridge

Luminaries Under the Bridge

Recoiling from the shock of pure daylight, we return to the safety of the night. Here are a few more of the luminaries (look to previous posts to see what I’m talking about). I really enjoy this image, it has a real Gothic feel to it.

  • Nice picture. It reminds me of an old stone cathedral in Europe.

  • Lovely! Well, dramatic effect too! Great post/photo!

  • Kind of spooky!

  • This is my favorite of your luminaries series, and I like when you do feature series like this on occasion. This one’s got a warm, golden glow about it, which helps warm this Minnesotan as the temps drop this weekend. Zero, here we come…again!

  • That is really neat.

  • Gothic is right. Looks like the play is about to start…out come the actors wearing the apropriate clothes. Marvellous photograph. Those lights and the soft colour of the stone work. Faboulous.