Things to Do Inside

Things to Do Inside

Another fourteen-below morning greeted me head-on today. Cold days like this are best spent inside. Time is better used editing pictures and working on websites for my clients. This photo was taken the same time as the this one. Though not as dramatic, this one has a more solid composition with the edges of the building joining the corners. When you are shooting, compose the entire image; look around, how can you make one shape the dominant element? And now for today’s feature presentation:

Billy McLaughlin’s Story

Billy McLaughlin is an amazing guitarist — you have to watch this video. Billy was the best Finger-style guitarist up until a few years ago when he lost the ability to use his right hand to play this incredibly-demanding style that he created. The video shows how he overcame the problem and his comeback. I know you will love his music, just listen. Then head over to Billy’s website. I know you will like that too, I built it.Yep, that’s my day job. I build sites for a wide range of clients, especially artists. I like working with people who are passionate about what they do, and Billy is my star. He has a few shows coming up — his music sounds fantastic with an orchestra and that’s what he’s doing in the next few months — playing with full orchestras.Billy McLaughlin, Amazing Finger-style Guitarist

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  1. Strangetastes
    Strangetastes says:

    Nice composition with the trapezoidal shape fitting neatly in the bottom left. The sky adds a perfect touch. It reminds me of ice floating on a river.

    Speaking of which, I saw on your blog that it was -14 F. in Minneapolis this morning. That’s almost unimaginable to us. I think the coldest I’ve seen in 40 years in St. Louis was -16 and that was a long time ago. My wife and I went to a St. Louis Symphony performance last night and I thought I might have to call her a taxi to make it 100 yards to the car in a windy +14.

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    Excellent photo, Mitch. And what a great story about Billy McLaughlin. I first heard his music in the late 1980’s – early 1990’s don’t exactly remember. But we had bicycled from Lake Phalen to Stillwater. A beer and burger at the Freighthouse and Billy was playing on their patio. Yep, I bought his CD “The Archery of Guitar” on the spot. An inspirational story. Bravo!


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