Bunge and the Carnival

Bunge and the Carnival

Just another stop on the way, the Bunge Grain Elevator sits quietly abandoned on the west end of the Union yards by the University. You can actually see it from 35W, but not many people are seeing it now. It’s visible from the stretch of 35W just north of the missing bridge. This is also the place where I had my near run-in with a train.

The Winter Carnival starts tomorrow, but the hunt for the medallion has already begun. On top of building ice sculptures, skating and general winter fun; the powers that be hide a medallion somewhere in St. Paul and then give clues in lyrical form in the local paper. The one who finds it enters local legend and wins a big prize. I’m still fuzzy on the details, maybe Kate can help me with the details. One element I love is that the clues come out at half-past midnight, so the locals are out digging up the parks in the middle of the night. Gotta be hard-core to play. If you have any details or links to share, please comment!

This photo has a lot of angles. The composition is relatively static, but the tracks, trees and the silos are at angles. Another element I enjoy is how everything is mostly white. It seems like a black and white picture, but it’s not. I’ve done this before here and here. I warned you about it here. It also obeys the rule of thirds.

I’m headed over to St. Paul to find some images of the Carnival, so keep in touch to find out what we do around here to avoid cabin fever. Please feel free to comment some links to green things for me; I’m starting to crack. If I can just make it through February…

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  1. kate
    kate says:

    The Winter Carnival in St. Paul each year is a blast, albeit a mighty frigid one this year. Here is the official website which gives you the history and numerous other categories to explore. The Medallion hunt is madness, Klondike Kate musical auditions are humorous, and the ice sculptures are wonderful, especially the Ice Palace: http://snipurl.com/1xzh3 (I hope this link works!)

  2. zentmrs
    zentmrs says:

    Oh I love the Winter Carnival and the medallion hunt! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the festivities!

    I passed an award to you today, as your blog is always a highlight of my day. Please stop by when you can…


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