Burr, baby, burrrrr! It’s cold outside! It’s currently -16 in Minneapolis this morning.

My little macro shot of some burrs seemed appropriate for today. Those little hooks on the burr are what the air feels like out there too. You know it’s cold when you get in your vehicle and bump your head on the ceiling because the car seats are frozen solid. Yes, foam apparently freezes — pop on the seat heater and slowly sink down.

  • Wow, -16 *is* cold. In Celsius that’s -26 and I’m not sure I remember the last time we had it that cold here. Hang in there, summer will be back any time soon now.

  • LOL, great discription of the cold. Seat heater? Are those for real?

  • Hi Mitch. That was funny sir! 🙂 I like the shot very much and your hook. I hope you are warm and cozy INSIDE!!

    Though I am new to your site, I have really enjoyed your posts, photos, visits and comments. I’m learning lots and wanted to give you the You Make My Day Award. I linked to you from my Seguin (TX) blog and just wanted you to know. Have a great weekend!

  • Jim –
    Yes, seat heaters are common up here, as are engine-block heaters. I had a car that was from Canada and it had two batteries.
    Thanks for commenting!

    Thien –
    I’ll look into the “Make My Day Award, it looks pretty cool, thanks!
    – Mitch

  • “Burr” — aren’t’choo funny?!

    You’re right, it sure is cold here in MN today. Speaking of seat heaters, I’ve spent some time in the studio today, and I’m sure glad for this in-floor heat system. Otherwise, this would be one cold slab of concrete! Wouldn’t get much done, that’s for sure.

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