Graffiti on Ice

Graffiti on Ice

Graffiti in hidden places intrigues me, art that is hidden because the artist had to hide when he did it. I’m not talking about those &*#* that write swear words on buildings, but things like this. Not far from this location some twerps were writing “Compton” on everything up and down the bike trail. I wanted to wring their necks when they tagged the stone monument under the trail bridge that explained the regional geology. This is the stuff I like. Especially since you have to work to find it.

This is located under the Cedar Lake Commuter Corridor just off Theodore Wirth Parkway. At the North end of Cedar Lake, there is a channel over to Brownie Lake. Under The Road, under the Rail and the bike trail is another path, for canoes. I cross over this all the time, but haven’t been down here for years.

I have a penchant for wandering on the ice, but I am very leery of passing under bridges. There are usually cracks and bare ice under them, but two people had just come out of the tunnel and it looked safe. Sometimes you just have to trust the ice.

Are there other City Photos of good graffiti? Let me know in a comment!

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  1. kate
    kate says:

    Mitch, if you go to the west side of St. Paul in the Hispanic neighborhood, you’ll have a field day. Lake St. in Msp also has an abundance of murals, not necessarily grafatti, but colourful!

  2. Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting there about my IS problems. I swear not to do it again but then I swore that once before too.

    I like your post today and while we don’t have much graffiti where I live, I suppose that’s because we don’t have much blank space to put it on.

    I also liked your post yesterday. Nice work.

  3. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Neat shots, these last few, like always. I look forward to catching up on your site Mitch. The graffiti is cool… artistic for a change. Oh, and the ice.. YIKES! Living in Florida for so long, walking on ice, that is actually on a lake, is not something we think about often. Okay, at all.

  4. bluemoonpaul
    bluemoonpaul says:

    I love this photo, Mitch! The various shapes and negative space form a superb composition. All the angles throughout really bounce the eye around. The color is more subtle than in some of your other photos, and used to good effect. Given that the graffiti center of interest is in shadow, the balance would be thrown off, and the piece would lose its power if you punched it too much. You’ve also juxtaposed a great range of tone, texture and pattern. The eye keeps coming back to the graffitti, offering a strange, inexplicable haven, despite the harsh surfaces and angles beneath the bridge, even as the pathway leads one out, and nature beyond beckons. Nice title, too!

  5. Rob
    Rob says:

    I do like this typwe of grafitti. Actually, this is street art, a mural. This is so different than that…”crap” tagging we see. Those taggers give these mural artists a bad reputation.

  6. b.c.
    b.c. says:

    I loved seeing this–great angle, and nice commentary–and I have posted some of the street art I’ve found here in Chicago–in fact I just took a photo of some new stuff (but haven’t posted it yet) thanks for sending me the notice re the 100th–I do so enjoy my visits here…

  7. beth
    beth says:

    I LOVE the graffiti pix!!
    It is my new passion…I just live out in the sticks
    and have to search for it on meandering rail cars…but I love these photos…any hints on where to find the best walls?

  8. Mitchster
    Mitchster says:

    Beth –
    Underpasses and rail corridors are always good, I’d be careful though, most of the good Graffiti places are chosen because they are out of view and ignored areas. Going in the mid morning is pretty safe.

    One way I find cool places is following railroads on Google maps. Using the satellite view, you can see culverts and hidden places.
    – Mitch


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