A New Day Begins

A New Day Begins

It’s a new day at Mitchster.com. I woke up this morning to find an email from Wayne (Thanks Wayne!) informing me that my site had been down since 11:50pm central yesterday. I called godaddy.com a couple times and they said that they knew about it and were working on it. Apparently all the WordPress blogs on GoDaddy were down.

At 11:45 am today, it came back up — almost 12 hours later. I haven’t backed up the database since I created mitchster.com and that was all I was thinking about today. As soon as the site came back up, I downloaded it. So the lesson for all you bloggers… Find the database export function on your blog and get the file. It’s just nice to have a current copy.

This picture was taken a few years ago at Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis. It seemed appropriate to how I am feeling right now. I was going to post about infrared photography today, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow. Now I am going to take a nap, or at least breath normally for a while.

Thanks again to all of you that emailed me about it and commiserated. It’s very nice when you are in crisis to know others are thinking of you.

P.S. Mom called, no post, something must be wrong. 🙂 Now I know why she hasn’t called lately to see if I’m still kicking. Years ago she gave me a little sign that I put in my kitchen that says, “Mom worries.” Now I know my blog as another purpose I didn’t know about.

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  1. slinger
    slinger says:

    Ahh, it was a GoDaddy problem. I’m on blogger and wasn’t excluded from the downtime last night. I wasn’t sure if it was blogger or the host server.

  2. Strangetastes
    Strangetastes says:

    OMG, such color! I don’t often do sunrises/sets because I doubt that I have something new to offer. This one, however, got my attention – fire in the sky spreading to glass-smooth water. I’m glad you kept the horizon off center.

  3. Margie Shamoon
    Margie Shamoon says:

    Beautiful, it really is brethtaking. I am so happy to see some of your work. I got this site from your Mom and decided to check out your work. I have never seen it before but I will keep checking in daily to see what’s new. Congrats on a job well done, keep up the good work! Love, your cousin in denver, Margie

  4. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Hey Mitch, good to see you up and blogging again. lol
    Wow, that is an awesome shot. Nice to have something like that in your hip pocket when you a cold has you staying in.
    Oh, and thanks for the tip about the archive file. I will have to see how that works in blogger. Way cool.
    Take care,

    PS. New take on an old quote: “Mitch, mitch, mitch, all you do is mitch!”

  5. Thien
    Thien says:

    Hey, I took a picture of the sky this morning with its red-orange hues too! 🙂 This is very serene and peaceful. I have been learning quite a bit from reading your info about photography so I’m going to try to apply what I read, esp. about night photography. I’m really still a newbie when it comes to anything beyond point and click. BTW, Seguin is in Texas. Thanks for coming back by earlier! 🙂

  6. kate
    kate says:

    What’s the database export function and where do I find it?? Your photo is outstanding…as usual. The composition, colour, and reflection all compliment one another. Cool!!

  7. b.c.
    b.c. says:

    that’s an awesome shot–really beautiful

    thanks for the cautionary tale too but like Kate, have no idea what the export function etc is on my blog…have to fiddle around some…


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