Majestic Pines

Majestic Pines

Ahh, wide angle trees. This is the True North, what I remember about driving to Grandma & Grandpa’s house as a kid — miles and miles of pine trees. It the sun is low enough, the flickering light of the shadows can really make you dizzy.

Composition notes: I was playing with the intersecting edges of the the sky/clouds and trees/sky. I set the top edge of the trees at an angle across the frame and the clouds cross it. These angles create interest and move the eye around. When you are working with large compositions, look at the corners and where edges point. By having intersecting lines and strong lines that move across the frame, you can create a more interesting image.

Question for y’all: I’m thinking of offering desktop backgrounds of some of my photos, any interest? If so, which are your favorite pictures?

No get out there and take some great pictures!

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  1. Strangetastes
    Strangetastes says:

    I don’t use my wide angle enough. I’m fortunate to have a camera with a full-sized light sensor (Canon 5D), so I get lazy and use the shortest setting of my 24 – 105 mm everyday lens. And then there’s the dirt on the light sensor issue with changing lenses. My post today is in the other direction, shot at the max length of my 100-400 mm lens.

    The technical comments in your posts are always interesting. Since I’m an amateur, I’ll never learn enough. Keep them coming.

  2. gbenz
    gbenz says:

    I like this shot, but I think the clouds on the top right would benefit from being burned in a little bit… Very cool composition, makes the tall trees look great!

    I think the backgrounds idea is a good one. I tend to go with simple compositions that make it easy to see my icons still…

  3. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    I’ve just been catching up on your recent posts Mitch. Cool, cool stuff. I don’t blame you for the post work. I find that the images captured in my camera sometimes do not match what my eye was able to see. So I think a little post here and there can bring it closer. And sometimes it just plain saves a poor shot (speaking of mine, not yours). As to desktops, I don’t think I have seen a shot of yours that would NOT make a good desktop.
    PS. Can’t wait to see pics of the resort.

  4. b.c.
    b.c. says:

    I’m with Wayne here (re cool cool stuff) and I’ve also been catching up on your previous posts–I especially like the photo before this one but perhaps not for a desktop necessarily, it’s only because I like photos of things like that…I am interested in learning how to shoot better pictures and I like how you take the time to explain your photo compositions. Thanks!

  5. John Krill
    John Krill says:

    Just checking to see if you have created any desktop backgrounds. Give us a link if you have. Great site. I enjoy your comments on the photographic process. Keep it up.


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