Northern Morning

Northern Morning

Sunday morning on the lake. While I was staying at the Northernaire resort in Three Lakes Wisconsin this weekend, I got up early and headed out on the ice. It was two below and I was on my snowshoes crunching my way across the frozen lake. My tripod slung over my shoulder never felt more like a rifle. The fantasy of being a mountain man in the unsettled old West was fun until my hands started to get really cold.

I was up there to take pictures of the resort for the website and other promotional materials. The place was completed this summer and is rather empty right now. If you are looking for a really nice and luxurious place to escape to, they are renting at a discount. It’s a great place and a great real right now, but when summer hits, it will book up fast. I’ll post some pictures of the place itself later.

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  1. kate
    kate says:

    It’s a beautiful and restful photograph. I esp like the spot of light peeking through as daylight approaches. The blue tones are lovely but also emphasizes the coldness! Where is Three Lakes Wi?

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Kate –
    Where is Three Lakes? Exactly.
    It’s half an hour from Michigan, about 15 miles North of Rhinelander. It’s a cute little town that really feels like Up North. I didn’t know this before, but the Largest Chain of Freshwater Lakes is up there. It’s 100 miles of chain lakes and by the Nicolet National Forest.
    – Mitch

  3. Carol Rose
    Carol Rose says:

    This takes me back to my northern Illinois childhood — when snow came and stayed on the ground all winter! I’m a true northerner, and know I would be happy living in Minnesota. I have cousins there (St. Paul and way, way north in Aiken), who have the same icy blood. We love it! This is so beautiful, and really made my Christmas feel good.


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