Tamron 11-18mm Ultra-Wide

Tamron 11-18mm Ultra-Wide

First day with the new lens. I chose the Tamron 11-18mm Ultra-Wide because it has the least barrel distortion of all the less-expensive ultras. The weather wasn’t cooperating with me, all I had was a gray Minnesota morning to work with. This is the Northwestern bay of Lake of the Isles, that thing in the lower left is a rock sitting on the ice. Yes, ice. The lake is beginning to freeze over.

So far I like the lens and will be putting more images from it on the site. My first reaction to the images from it was that there didn’t seem to be a wow factor, but I’m expecting something unusual from the images — they just look normal, which was what I was wanted when I bought the lens. No fisheye effect, just a nice undistorted image that I didn’t have to back up to take. Comically, I had to hang out over the railing to keep the pathway out of the image.

It’s just going to take some time to figure out the optimum subjects and uses for this beast. Check back tomorrow, the sky is blue and I’ll see what I can find.

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  1. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    That’s one sweet lens Mitch, to get that wide without the distortion. I need one of those! And brrrr, a rock sitting on the water… because it is FREEZING! (Yeah, don’t get much of that here in Dunedin, FL!)

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    Pretty gold colors to offset the coldness of the gray ice. Cool, even golden hues on the ice! I wonder who threw the rock out there?

    You have proven that shopping isn’t always bad. 😉 Looks great, no fish eye effect or tilting in of the trees. I have a few decent pics of downtown scenes, but some buildings in my pics defy the laws of physics. They raise from the boulevard at an angle that rivals the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


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