Northern Shovelers Arrive in Minneapolis

Northern Shovelers Arrive in Minneapolis

Last Friday they showed up — bobbing on the gentile waves of Lake of the Isles. I took a bunch of pictures of them with my dubious 70-210mm Nikkor. Alas, something was wrong. I bought that lens a few months ago and was starting to notice a problem with it. The pictures I took looked horrible. What was wrong? Turns out, that great deal I got was on a film lens not a digital one.

I took it back to National Camera and they took it back! That is a great company. I could save money buying things online, but I prefer seeing stuff before I buy it and getting great help. I bought the wrong lens at Roseville, but went back to the Golden Valley store to see Steve; he knew what was wrong. And I bought a new lens. That damn bird cost me $500.

So here is the new and improved Northern Shoveler I shot yesterday morning with my new Nikon 70-300mm VR. There are about 30 of these lil’ guys chugging around the lake dabbling away. I chased a Pileated Woodpecker for a while but he wasn’t following his lighting cues.

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  1. Ravsitar
    Ravsitar says:

    Oh the 70-300mm VR. That’s on my wishlist to replace my current 70-300mm.

    We might have to get together for a photo shoot just so I can play with it 🙂

  2. kate
    kate says:

    Another wonderful photo. I agree re. Nat’l Camera. For a novice such as I who really wants only to play around with photography, it’s a great resource because of the staff and their willingness to help.


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