I started Mitchster back in October of 2007 as I taught myself WordPress and took a photography workshop led by the amazing Chris Marquart, creator of Tips from the Top Floor, the longest-running photography podcast. The first 100 days were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the relationships I formed and the project itself motivated me in many new directions as well. This summer, while out on a ‘photowalk ‘ with Rob and Dan, I was talking about how much fun that first 100 days were and that it would be fun to recreate that so we hatched the idea of 100 posts in 100 days. The idea of finishing up on Dec 31st seemed like a good idea, so I started to do the math, but Rob decided he didn’t want to post on Sunday, so the complication was in and September 6th was determined to be the start day. Since then, I have completely replaced the WordPress install and design of Mitchster. I had to go through every one of almost 1200 posts to reset the photo to the new WordPress ‘Featured Image’ way of handling photos but it’s going to be worth it as over these 100 days I will be recreating Mitchster into something way more than it ever could have been. Stay tuned!