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Mitch Rossow, Designer, Artist, Geek

So what all do you do? — a phrase I hear pretty often. The simple answer is Web Design & Photography. I grew up in a print shop, back in the days of ‘camera ready offset printing’ before the Macintosh changed the world, everything was done by assembling elements on a blue-lined board with wax then shooting it. I worked a darkroom and in third grade, I set headlines with a wacky little machine called a Strip Printer, but I digress. I grew up in design & photography and this apple hasn’t rolled far from the tree. How many people do you know with an Art Degree who took advanced calculus & 500-level philosophy classes?

Technology has changed and I love it. I’m a geek, I always want to know what’s next and have skeptical eye for the dumb stuff too. I was working in CSS before anyone else and I fell madly in love with WordPress in 2007 and never looked back. Remember Adobe Flash? I never used it and never had a kind word for it. I have a fondness for books and Flash was video poking its nose under the tent and not in a good way. I always am thinking about how to share information and educate — structure, form and clarity. Speaking of clarity, while building a website for an artist, I developed an obsessively  exacting system for photographing oil paintings without glare. something that turned out to be so effective that I upgraded to a 36-megapixel camera (the best Nikon makes) and now shoot for dozens of other artists.

My main focus is building ‘responsive’ websites using WordPress and a collection of reliable tools & elements. My years of design, writing and photography provide me the real-world footing to complete the projects and deliver successful results to my clients. This isn’t a side gig or something I do because I want to play with technology. I love what I do, surfing the edge between art and technology.

‘One hand for you and one hand for the ship’ —  you can’t reach forward without a firm grasp on reality and your base. As new technologies and opportunities coma along, I evaluate them based on what is good for my clients. Return on Investment. You grow, I grow. The wild free world of the internet is an amazing place, the free market in all its glory, but without an honest strong footing in reality of who and what you are, it can be unnecessarily risky. New tools improve effectiveness but authenticity and clarity of purpose remain constant.

Recent Minneapolis Photos

Minneapolis Daily Photo Blog

Back in 2007, a client asked me to create a blog for him. I had been investigating this new phenomenon and decided to create a blog to experiment with. I had recently taken a photo class with international celebrity podcaster Chris Marquart, so I decided to use my photos from the class; gotta start with something! As I worked away on it, I discovered that people were creating ‘Daily Photo Blogs’ all around the world. Cool Idea! And thus it began.

Now with well over 1000 daily posts, Mitchster Minneapolis Daily Photo Blog continues on, providing me with a fun creative outlet. Please feel free to comment on the photos and send me any ideas you have on things I should go photograph!

Mitch Rossow Design & Photography Client News

Client Testimonials

I started podcasting in 2009, using the old Apple iLife architecture to hold the podcasts, and written material associated with them. With the demise of iLife, and an opportunity to focus full time on podcasting, clearly it was time to update to a fully professional website running a new CMS that could deliver the podcasts as well as serve my other needs.

I tried to do it on my own, and finally in frustration, put a note on FaceBook. Along comes Mitch Rossow with graphic design and a full bag of WordPress tricks. We worked about 24 hours a day until was fully operational. That meant holding the podcasts, serving up to iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn, as well serving podcasts from the website, retail sales, a blog and slider ads for clients. Since then we have served up almost 2 million podcasts and delivered hundreds of thousands of hits and page views to advertising clients of the Bob Davis Podcasts.

Mitch also designs the banners for my advertisers (sometimes they’re better than what the advertiser uses on their own website), and putting up with my panicked calls when Go Daddy drives us crazy. The thing is, most podcasters throw up their hands and pay big money to have podcast ‘networks’ serve up their podcasts.

It is with a great sense of freedom that Mitch made it possible for me to be own master and host my own podcasts. That’s why I can say, The Bob Davis Podcasts; Often imitated, NEVER duplicated. Buh Bye!

Bob Davis
Bob DavisPodcaster & Public SpeakerThe Bob Davis Podcasts

As an oil painter and teacher I have always been leery of technology and frankly I’m a hard sell.
Realizing I was behind the curve and that the web was the way I began working with Mitch over seven years ago. He was instrumental not only in demystifying the technology for me but also in tailoring a plan that suited my very specific needs.
From the website and it’s updates to my e-newsletter as well as photographing , color correcting and cataloging my paintings he has become instrumental in helping me achieve a global reach with my work.
Thanks to his help, patience and insistence I am now at the leading edge of what is possible and anxious to learn what’s next.

Joe Paquet
Joe PaquetLandscape PainterJoseph Paquet Studio

A friend of mine highly recommended I use Mitch Rossow to design my website.
I’m so glad I did!! I needed someone that was not only great with design but also understood how to get my site to be highly searchable. Mitch has skill and knowledge in both areas. Also, when you’re designing a site, you want to work with someone you like who has good follow-up. I found this to be true with Mitch. He was also able to develop a fully editable site for me so this gives me freedom and flexibility to grow my business.
Making the investment to have a website designed is a big decision, I’m really glad I went with Mitch.

Maggie Christopher
Maggie ChristopherHolistic Nutrition Therapist

Just picked up some photographs that Mitch Rossow did for me of artwork, WOW, what a beautiful job he does!! Joe Paquet recommended him… and I agree, simply fantastic!

Derek Davis
Derek DavisPlein Air Painter
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